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Strategic Tourism Development


"Connecting creative ideas to industry, people and products"


I work with government and private organisations in the following ways:


  • Immersive/authentic tourism concepts & development

  • Stakeholder engagement strategies

  • Tourism experience evaluation

  • Social, cultural and consumer trends 

  • Facilitate better communication and engagemnent between government and private industry

  • Project management/facilitate government initiatives


Return on investement;

  • Always a new story to tell - leading edge tourism creates exceptional PR opportunaties.

  • Cost savings through better Government/private industry communication, trust & engagement. 

  • Economic impact and proven ROI through respondent surveys



“Working with Nick and his team, we proudly pushed the envelope with both the FEASTival and the marketing campaign for Kangaroo Island. While the FEASTival was not only a well-managed and inspiring event, it strategically answered a marketing need for the SATC too. Through the use of the FEASTival we were able to strategically deliver on the broad proposition of the Kangaroo Island “Let Yourself Go” campaign, building an event that South Australia could be proud of at the same time.”


David O’Loughlin, Marketing Director, SATC



Fearless Festivals


"Festivals that redefine viewpoints"


Festivals are an amazing way of showcasing the 'essence' or 'spirit' of a location or region. This is where I help my clients to create an immersive event experience that also deliver strategic tourism results.


  • Creative concept design & structure

  • Food & beverage development concepts

  • Strategic regional alignment 

  • Industry and stakeholder engagement

  • Assessment & remodelling


Return on investement


  • Increase PR value to the region through a strategic marketing campaign

  • Economic impact - Increase visitor numbers to region

  • Assist in converting ‘awareness to ‘visitation’ to regeion

  • Facilitates and encourages new F&B tourism products

Perfecting CX (Customer Experience)


"The Customers Experience of your brand prommise is the only thing that matters"


I work with organisations and brands to close the gap between the customer ‘experience’ and the brand ‘promise’ by enhancing the physical experience


  • Experience evaluation

  • Extract the essence or DNA of the experience

  • Avoid ‘trends’

  • Emotional engagement – create a journey that exceed expectations.

  • Sensory evaluation

  • Creating the element of magic

  • Customer feedback and analysis

  • Build customer advocacy by creating a stronger memory


Return on investemnt

  • Experience that meets or exceeds expectations - builds brand value and equity

  • Edge over your competitors - customers or clients become your strongest advocate. 

  • Before and after respondent surveys show proven shift in brand experiance


Hospitality Mentoring


"It's not just about what a customer tastes sees or touches - it's how they 'feel' or what they 'remember' that counts"


Standing out from the noise is vital for success in the hospitality industry as is combining your ideas and drive with my history of success.


I engage with my clients on a defined mentoring program to exctract the essence of their hospitality experience and heighten the delivery so it exceeds their customers expectations.


  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Retreats/Resorts

  • B&B’s

  • Tourism


Return on investemnt

  • Experience that meets or exceeds expectations - builds brand value and equity

  • Increased profit margins - charge a premium for your product

  • Edge over your competitors - customers or clients become your strongest advocate. 

  • Before and after respondent surveys show proven shift in hospitality experiance


Immersive Itineraries & Events


‘Creating memories; the difference between good and great are worlds apart”


I can work with you to create immersive itineraries & events so they deliver strategic results.


• PR/ Media itineraries

• Strategic corporate, incentive, brand events & management 

• Familiarisation itinerary's for foreign delegates

• Creative trade trip itinerary's

• Showcasing destinations


Return on investment

• A strategically designed event that that exceeds expectations creates loyalty, drives sales & builds brand equity

• Edge over your competitors - customers or clients becomes your strongest advocate. 



“I have managed over 2,000 events in 19 countries, hired top name entertainers, speakers , chartered ships etc.,  yet this event in my mind stands out as the best, most carefully executed event of my career -  a true once in a lifetime experience.” -Lance Weiland, Director Unum Corporation.


Experience design in business


I can work with you in the following ways to develop, build, mentor or deliver heightened experiences for you, your clients or your customers so they exceed expectations & deliver measurable results.



Working as an artist for over 30 years, I use my creative disciplines & training to amplify the above outcomes.


See details of the experience design services below


Capturing life’s experiences in paint


With an expressionist/realism style of painting in both water colour and oil mediums, I can create custom art pieces to suit the following requirements.


  • Private commissions to capture those life experiences that we want to remember forever.

  • Custom paintings to dress homes or properties for sale

  • Corporate office art works - range of mediums and styles.


More information and artwork examples here

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