Creating a Memorable Experience



Nick Hannaford has over 25 years’ experience in creating magical and immersive hospitality & tourism adventures – big and small.


Nick pioneered five-star dining in the Queensland rainforest for international incentive groups and guests that included Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. These events led to the birth of the award winning & iconic Flames of the Forest dining concept that was voted in the top 100 gourmet dining experiences by Gourmet Traveller in 2010.


Creator and producer of the award winning Kangaroo Island FEASTival (Brand SA Regional Tourism award 2014) and an original member of Port Douglas Carnivale, Nick has worked with some of Australia’s best chefs who include Matt Moran, Pete Evans, George Calombaris, Simon Bryant, Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer.


His luxury accommodation business LifeTime Private Retreats was winner 2008 T+L Innovators in Travel awards and was a 2010-11 winner at the 2010 South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) Tourism awards. It was voted number 1 honeymoon destination by Australian Traveller magazine.


He was also executive producer of the 2008-9 Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Dinner and a Telstra small business finalist.

KRISTINA DRYZA (Collaborator)


Kristina is recognised as one of the world's leading futurists and consumer trends experts, but she herself prefers to be known as a nowist.


She is also a published author and keynote speaker. Advising top international companies, she travels the world gaining insight into emerging social, cultural and consumer trends to help clients birth future corporate strategies, products, services and experiences in the 'now' moment.


She is frequently asked to write and present on her specialism: pattern recognition, rhythms, seasons, cycles and their impact on creativity, leadership and innovation.


"It’s not just about what your customer tastes, eats, touches or sees - It’s how they feel and what they remember! "



I understand the power of developing and nurturing experiences that take customers or consumers on a sensory journey that is beyond what they expect.


We often make the mistake focusing on the physical location, décor, food, product or service; not realising that a memorable experience has to be authentic with a sensory storyline that resonates at a personal level.


Whether sitting down to a simple coffee in a café or attending a large public event, the rules are the same; that magic feeling or experience that creates a lasting memory doesn’t just happen by chance.


There is a complex balance of bespoke management of every detail involved in that experience. This is what I call experience engineering.


Learn more HERE about what I do and how you can engage with me.


"Build strong customer advocacy by developing immersive and sensory experiences with that element of magic"

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